for you
for me
for society

It all starts with you. With your vision or
your project that is ready to step out into the world.

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ett rött hus

That's where we come in.
We capture details,
Take all aspects into account
Develop a strategy, create and build.
We let your vision become a reality, together with you.
We believe in collaboration, that the best ideas,
solutions, and end results are created when we let
the power and energy of solidarity come forth.

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We are Nordic Brandstep

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illustration av en stad och en gran

Your collaboration partner when it's
time to strengthen and position
your business. When you want to
convey your message and your vision by creating meaningful communication that
changes, touches - and most importantly -

Welcome to making your vision a reality.

About us

We are a multilingual communications agency based in Stockholm that works closely with clients all over Sweden and Finland. With a strong understanding of the culture, language, and the importance of nuances, we are your strategic partner when you want to reach out with your business in a thoughtful and efficient way. With a burning interest in social issues and development, we create solutions that make a difference, in Swedish, Finnish, and English as per your request. As a collaboration partner, we are here for you, big or small. With us, you have a strategic partner who will always give our all to deliver exactly what you need in your business.

Our services

We work with strategy and design to strengthen and position your business and brand. Our services include strategic work, web design, graphic design, as well as lectures and educations. We offer several different types of services in communication and marketing. We always adapt each project according to your operation and needs.

An insight into how we work in three steps

Startup & Understanding

For us, it is important to understand our customers’ challenges and needs. Therefore, we always want to get to know your business properly when we take on a task. Through good communication and understanding of your business, we can build a solid foundation for a good collaboration with even better results.

Production & Proposal

It’s time to get started! Let’s be honest, you hire us because you want something that takes you further and brings you closer to your goals. Throughout the process, whether we develop a new visual identity, website or communication strategy, we keep in touch, bounce ideas and present proposals.

Launch & That little extra

Some projects are small and intense, while others are more long-term. Regardless of how your project looks, we will always wholeheartedly ensure that our delivery meets your expectations. If you hire us to hold a training or lecture, we guarantee both many insights and a lot of energy.